Kenn Kington

kenn kington comedianKenn Kington’s comedic voice is heavily influenced by Bill Cosby and Steve Martin.  Kenn has been performing for over 17 year and he is one of today’s most sought after Comedians. Great Comedy with no side effects (No blushing, No Cringing, No embarrassing situations or language).

Kenn is selling out comedy concerts nationwide. He is the creator of The Ultimate Comedy Theater. Kenn has appeared on Comedy Central and his last 4 film projects have sold over 50 thousand copies and continue to pop up on a variety of cable networks. He can be heard daily on XM radio. Kenn’s “ISMS” comedy book is being released nationally in August 2008 at such retailers as Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books Million and many more. Kenn’s Passion is to encourage people. While most commonly known for his comedy he is also an amazing communicator.

Speaking from his heart and life he shares timeless truths in an always applicable often sidesplitting manner. Kenn has also written two books on relationships. Searching for a Super Man Watching for a Wonder Woman was nationally voted one of the top ten books for singles. And, Rediscovering Super Husband & Wonder Wife is now in its third printing.

Kenn was born in LA. At the age of 3, Kenn moved with his family to Georgia where he remains with his wife of over 13 years (Heather) and their 2 sons and 1 daughter.