Gilbert Esquivel

gilbert esquivel comedianGilbert’s comedy is uniquely clean, urban and edgy. And although he is a born-again believer, Gilbert wouldn’t place himself in the “Christian Comedy” genre, but rather sees himself as a Christian working as a stand-up comedian. Gilbert shares stories about himself and those around him, sharing anecdotes as he grew-up and traveled across the United States. He also has a keen sensibility for comedy found in cultural differences, all the while recognizing that “Yes there are differences, but in God’s eyes we are equally loved.”

The son of migrant workers, Gilbert was born in Parma, Idaho. He spent his childhood moving from city to city, until his family settled in Pacoima, California. There, he became caught up in the world of gang violence. After years of “doing the wrong things,” Gilbert decided to redirect his life in a positive way. By finding humor in his gang experiences, he has taken his unique perspective on life to audiences around the country.

Gilbert used to cross the country with his parents working in the fields. Now he travels the country doing jokes in comedy clubs, churches, prisons, colleges, The Apollo Theater and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Gilbert won his first comedy competition just one year into his stand-up career at the world famous Ice House in Pasadena, California. He has been seen on many television shows that include Que Locos and was one of the first Latino Semi-finalists on BET’s ComicView.

Gilbert is committed to being a positive role model for kids caught in inner-city violence. He uses his comedy to reach out and educate teens about life’s different options. Through his work in comedy clubs and on television, Gilbert will continue to be a positive role model on our youth.

“As a gang member of 16 years old, I went to church just to hang out with a girl I liked and ended up accepting Christ. God has turned my life upside down-no more crime! I’ve been married for 16 years and doing standup comedy all over the country, including Prison Ministry.”

“I told the Lord that if He opened the doors, I would take the gift he gave me and would go to His people in their environment.”