Don Tersingi

don tersingi comedianDon Tersigni, self-proclaimed “half-Italian and half-hillbilly,” won his first comedy competition with four months experience under his belt.  He continued to hone his skills in comedy clubs throughout the Midwest, offering a uniquely “clean” show no matter what the audience. Don remains committed to uproarious, yet non-offensive comedy, refusing to compromise his Christian values for a laugh.

Don was inspired early in his career after seeing a live performance of comedy legend Red Skelton, a pioneer in the world of clean comedy. He performs over 150 impressions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Sly Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Barney Fife, Homer Simpson and many more.  Don made his first stage appearance while serving in the US Navy as a Chaplain’s Assistant; he made his radio debut doing celebrity voices over the Armed Forces Radio and TV Network. While serving aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, Don would keep his shipmates in stitches during the long months of deployment to the Western Pacific.  He also coordinated orphanage assistance programs in the Philippines and Korea, entertaining the kids with some of his silly cartoon voices.

Don has left the comedy club circuit to concentrate his efforts on church events, corporate shows, colleges and conventions, but the accolades and opportunities continue.  A few years back, Ed McMahon crowned Don the “Next Big Star” during the show’s second season.  Don also appeared on five episodes of The Michael Essany Show on E! TV, appearing with actor Jerry O’Connell and singer/songwriter Jewel.

Don’s dynamic show offers something for everyone. He blends his 150-voice repertoire with observational humor to create a hilariously entertaining performance.  Don says, “I believe that humor can be a great tool to show people that God is great, and Christians can have fun and be goofy. If I can help you remember that God is a God of joy and humor while sharing my gift and faith with you, and then I am honored and blessed.”