Jason “Schwinny” Schwinabart

“Schwinny “

We had Jason (a.k.a. “Schwinny”) to our church and he did a brief mountain bike trick demonstration and shared his testimony.  It was powerful.  People across the age spectrum loved it.
Jason is the real deal.  He is someone who is truly pursuing Christ in his life.  He has a great story to tell and he tells it well.  After the services a ton of people wanted to talk with him and hear more of his story.  Jason could not have been more generous with his time.  One guy in particular, named John, had given his life to Christ about a month before Jason came to our church.  He had struggled with addiction his whole life and had only recently been released from jail.  John loved Jason’s story and it was a huge encouragement to him.  One of the things I’ve learned is that when we can use something unpredictable to get people’s attention, it creates a great opportunity for the Spirit to work.  Jason did that for us.  I wholeheartedly recommend him!


Pastor Danny O’Brien

Grace Fellowship Church

Timonium, MD




Jason is a breath of fresh air to the body of Christ. He has a very unique way of capturing everyone’s attention by his jaw dropping bike tricks. His powerful testimony will capture EVERY age group.”


– Harold “Lefty” Williams
Former Harlem Globetrotter




Jason is a rare find in all aspects of a business relationship as he excels in the terms and actions beyond “partner / partnership”.

Doing the unexpected and going beyond in every and all detail is his norm and not the exception, detail driven that you cannot script or orchestrate- so impressive.

Culminate Jason’s detail along with his personal lifestyle character traits: honest, believable, steadfast, and you have a personality that resonates with all whom he contacts.

In his profession Jason is a competitor constantly perfecting his performance. His performance which is an extreme talent takes hours of relentless pursuit which then awes crowds in its physical prowess.

Aligning with Jason aids in creating sustainable awareness and result that works seamlessly with current brand initiatives.

Jason is a true professional in every aspect and an asset that is easily quantified. We at Diamondback Bicycle are ecstatic about our relationship with Jason and look toward many more years of his talents physical, personal and business.


Phil Howe

VP Diamondback Bicycle




“On May 11, I had the pleasure of watching Schwinny perform at the Catonsville Family Time Festival Series.  The performance he put on was phenomenal.  The set up consisted of numerous platforms, ramps, and barriers of varying heights up to probably 7-8 feet, and also made use of some daring audience members.  Schwinny skillfully made use of the entire course, launching himself up, over, across, and down, hopping across barriers with platforms no wider than a few inches, and navigating over and around an audience member laying on the ground with no more than an inch between his tires and the participant.  Schwinny was a true showman throughout the entire performance, engaging the audience and getting everyone excited with 15 minutes of increasingly difficult and awe-inspiring tricks.

Over the course of the performance, the crowd tripled in size as the news spread.  The entertainment value of his show proved to transcend age as countless kids (ranging in age from my 18 month old daughter to high schoolers), parents, and grandparents were completely captivated.  After the show, Schwinny spent at least 30 minutes at a table signing posters and interacting with each person.

Schwinny represents an opportunity for a company to engage consumers in a unique, captivating grassroots way.  His show’s set up allows for multiple branding opportunities.  He holds a captive audience throughout his entire performance, more than half of whom take pictures or video, which creates the potential for multiple brand impressions even after the show.  In addition, Schwinny has a clear passion for his craft and communicating his message.  He is an aggressive marketer who understands the value of skill and how to use it to generate buzz, whether that be through local media, social media, etc.  With Schwinny, seeing is believing.”


David Stakel

Under Armour





“Jason’s a gamer.  He is the guy you call first when you’re planning some insanely impossible ride, or you just want to battle with very fast down…as well as up the hills!


Schwinny’s got skills and boundless determination.  Also quite a good guy that would do anything for a friend… ”
Marla Streb

Mountain Biking Hall of Fame
World Champion Mountain Biker



“A talent for Christ. These were my first thoughts the day I first met Schwinny.  Over the years I have known him, I have watched Schwinny stay the path he believes God put him on which is to use the gifts and talents God blessed him with to open the hearts and minds of people of all ages to have a relationship with Christ. This was not an easy path to walk but his strong belief that God is using his skills and talents to honor Him is very inspiring to all who watch and listen to him.  From a young man that was homeless with his dog, stunt bike and  equipment he has worked hard to be that which God has called him. With a unique talent and a heart for people Schwinny is a perfect example of God’s grace, someone that is destroying the myth that you can’t make your dreams come true.  He brings an inspiring, exciting and fun environment to any event.”


Patty Harter

Patty Harter Lifestyles and Ministries

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Women Racing for Christ

2 time National Road Racing Champion




Teaching our boys to ride a bike was not the heart warming, momentous life occasion we had always imagined it would be.  My husband and I were not having any success and our boys had completely given up. They lost all interest in riding and had accepted that they would never learn.

I reached out to Jason in hopes that he could turn our situation around.  Within 1 hour our oldest son was riding on his own and my youngest was right on the verge.  The next day when my husband took them out, both were confidently riding on their own.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the look of accomplishment and pride on my sons’ faces.  A huge weight was lifted their shoulders.  The stress and anxiety is gone and they are excited to ride.

I am looking forward to family bike rides this coming summer.  THANK YOU JASON!!!!

-Kim C.


Dana Daniels

dana daniels comedian magicianDana Daniels has been called one the funniest comedy magic acts working today. In fact, he was the very first magician to receive the Comedy Magician of the Year award from the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

Dana always keeps the laughs going at a speedy clip using his trusty side kick, Luigi the Psychic Parrot. In-between Dana’s outrageously funny sight gags and poking fun at magicians, he sets out to prove that his little green friend is truly clairvoyant. Together they perform such miracles as finding chosen cards, reading the mind of somebody on a cell phone and turning an audience member’s $100 bill into bird food, only to have it reappear inside an egg laid by Luigi—a tough trick for a male bird!

With Dana as the comedian and Luigi as the “straight bird”, they perform off-the-wall magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation, making the duo perfect to deliver your keynote message.

Dana’s many television appearances include Evening at the Improv, the CBS morning show, Masters of Illusions and Lance Burton’s Taking it to the Streets. Dana has also opened for such stars as Charo, Tony Orlando, Amy Grant & Vince Gill.

Dana’s testimony tells of a childhood accident that led him to discover stage illusion. His performances began at age 12 and grew to include full-time strolling programs at Disneyland. He says church audiences are among his favorite venues because “they are the most positive, upbeat audiences you could ask for—always a delight…at the last church I went to, the pastor mentioned they had a lot of non-believers there who commented that they didn’t know Christians could be so funny. Then they show up to church the next Sunday. If it changes one person’s life, it’s well-worth it and so fulfilling.”

321 Improv

321Improv_lastBlastSummer_ChristianConcertPhotos-4321 Improv Comedy will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side and they’ll make your face ache with laughter! An evening with 321 Improv is unlike any you’ve been a part of before. It is a unique interactive comedy experience. Each show, the three guys in 321 Improv instantly turn audience suggestions into hilarious scenes. No two shows are the same!

321 Improv Comedy is: Carl Crispin, founder and member of CPR Improv Comedy from 1992 to 2004; Tony Shaver, who traveled with the drama group One Time Blind from 1995 to 2005; and Adam Mollhagen who has been performing with River City Improv in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2001.

321 has performed for various audiences from 50 to 4,000, but the typical 321 Improv Comedy show is a comedy night hosted by the local church. An evening with 321 Improv at a church is an opportunity to build community among the adults of the church; to invite unchurched friends to see what it’s all about; or just enjoy an evening out with a spouse or some friends.

Since the group was formed in 2004, 321 Improv Comedy has been in high demand for events across the United States and Canada. In 2 years, they have performed over 150 shows for almost 100,000 people.
The three members of 321 Improv have come together to join in a ministry that attempts to glorify God in everything they do. Carl sums it up this way, “Our goal is to use comedy to spread a message of true joy that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“Thanks guys for a great evening of fun. Many do not get enough opportunities to laugh and laugh hard. What you do is a fantastic ministry. We’re glad you could share your talent (I guess that’s what you call it) with us.”
– Gary Swartzlander, Jackson, MI 

“Thank you guys for the much needed humor here at the ACS National Convention. I really thought it was great. Plus it is nice to have a comedy routine that doesn’t have to be vulgar or use profanity. Thanks so much.”
– Melonie Metz, Cleveland, OH

“321 was the perfect fit for our event!! It was great to see our church body rolling in laughter with an evening of good clean fun. These guys are hilarious and we will definitely be having them back to minister and entertain at our church.”
– Jon Brennan, Worship Leader and Youth Pastor, BridgePointe Church