Jason “Schwinny” Schwinabart

“Schwinny “

We had Jason (a.k.a. “Schwinny”) to our church and he did a brief mountain bike trick demonstration and shared his testimony.  It was powerful.  People across the age spectrum loved it.
Jason is the real deal.  He is someone who is truly pursuing Christ in his life.  He has a great story to tell and he tells it well.  After the services a ton of people wanted to talk with him and hear more of his story.  Jason could not have been more generous with his time.  One guy in particular, named John, had given his life to Christ about a month before Jason came to our church.  He had struggled with addiction his whole life and had only recently been released from jail.  John loved Jason’s story and it was a huge encouragement to him.  One of the things I’ve learned is that when we can use something unpredictable to get people’s attention, it creates a great opportunity for the Spirit to work.  Jason did that for us.  I wholeheartedly recommend him!


Pastor Danny O’Brien

Grace Fellowship Church

Timonium, MD




Jason is a breath of fresh air to the body of Christ. He has a very unique way of capturing everyone’s attention by his jaw dropping bike tricks. His powerful testimony will capture EVERY age group.”


– Harold “Lefty” Williams
Former Harlem Globetrotter




Jason is a rare find in all aspects of a business relationship as he excels in the terms and actions beyond “partner / partnership”.

Doing the unexpected and going beyond in every and all detail is his norm and not the exception, detail driven that you cannot script or orchestrate- so impressive.

Culminate Jason’s detail along with his personal lifestyle character traits: honest, believable, steadfast, and you have a personality that resonates with all whom he contacts.

In his profession Jason is a competitor constantly perfecting his performance. His performance which is an extreme talent takes hours of relentless pursuit which then awes crowds in its physical prowess.

Aligning with Jason aids in creating sustainable awareness and result that works seamlessly with current brand initiatives.

Jason is a true professional in every aspect and an asset that is easily quantified. We at Diamondback Bicycle are ecstatic about our relationship with Jason and look toward many more years of his talents physical, personal and business.


Phil Howe

VP Diamondback Bicycle




“On May 11, I had the pleasure of watching Schwinny perform at the Catonsville Family Time Festival Series.  The performance he put on was phenomenal.  The set up consisted of numerous platforms, ramps, and barriers of varying heights up to probably 7-8 feet, and also made use of some daring audience members.  Schwinny skillfully made use of the entire course, launching himself up, over, across, and down, hopping across barriers with platforms no wider than a few inches, and navigating over and around an audience member laying on the ground with no more than an inch between his tires and the participant.  Schwinny was a true showman throughout the entire performance, engaging the audience and getting everyone excited with 15 minutes of increasingly difficult and awe-inspiring tricks.

Over the course of the performance, the crowd tripled in size as the news spread.  The entertainment value of his show proved to transcend age as countless kids (ranging in age from my 18 month old daughter to high schoolers), parents, and grandparents were completely captivated.  After the show, Schwinny spent at least 30 minutes at a table signing posters and interacting with each person.

Schwinny represents an opportunity for a company to engage consumers in a unique, captivating grassroots way.  His show’s set up allows for multiple branding opportunities.  He holds a captive audience throughout his entire performance, more than half of whom take pictures or video, which creates the potential for multiple brand impressions even after the show.  In addition, Schwinny has a clear passion for his craft and communicating his message.  He is an aggressive marketer who understands the value of skill and how to use it to generate buzz, whether that be through local media, social media, etc.  With Schwinny, seeing is believing.”


David Stakel

Under Armour





“Jason’s a gamer.  He is the guy you call first when you’re planning some insanely impossible ride, or you just want to battle with very fast down…as well as up the hills!


Schwinny’s got skills and boundless determination.  Also quite a good guy that would do anything for a friend… ”
Marla Streb

Mountain Biking Hall of Fame
World Champion Mountain Biker



“A talent for Christ. These were my first thoughts the day I first met Schwinny.  Over the years I have known him, I have watched Schwinny stay the path he believes God put him on which is to use the gifts and talents God blessed him with to open the hearts and minds of people of all ages to have a relationship with Christ. This was not an easy path to walk but his strong belief that God is using his skills and talents to honor Him is very inspiring to all who watch and listen to him.  From a young man that was homeless with his dog, stunt bike and  equipment he has worked hard to be that which God has called him. With a unique talent and a heart for people Schwinny is a perfect example of God’s grace, someone that is destroying the myth that you can’t make your dreams come true.  He brings an inspiring, exciting and fun environment to any event.”


Patty Harter

Patty Harter Lifestyles and Ministries

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Women Racing for Christ

2 time National Road Racing Champion




Teaching our boys to ride a bike was not the heart warming, momentous life occasion we had always imagined it would be.  My husband and I were not having any success and our boys had completely given up. They lost all interest in riding and had accepted that they would never learn.

I reached out to Jason in hopes that he could turn our situation around.  Within 1 hour our oldest son was riding on his own and my youngest was right on the verge.  The next day when my husband took them out, both were confidently riding on their own.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the look of accomplishment and pride on my sons’ faces.  A huge weight was lifted their shoulders.  The stress and anxiety is gone and they are excited to ride.

I am looking forward to family bike rides this coming summer.  THANK YOU JASON!!!!

-Kim C.


Tina Marie Live!

While working as an actor in Hollywood for over a decade, Tina talked with countless celebrities about their behind-the-scene lifestyles and realized ‘these secrets’ must be revealed to our teens. For the past 10 years, Tina has been sharing her pop culture message – Hollywood Exposed – to students and adults at school assemblies, conferences, music festivals, and many other events throughout the United States, Africa, South America and Canada.

Tina has worked on TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Young and the Restless,” “Lizzie Maguire,” “Drake and Josh,” and “Malcolm in the Middle” along with countless Hollywood


A behind the scenes look at today’s pop culture.


Tina covers the following topics in her pop culture presentation.  She will tailor her seminar to meet the needs of your audience.  Please request an EVENT FORM so she can adequately prepare for your event.


*  This seminar is constantly being updated in order to be relevant to what teens had watched in theatres the prior weekend or on TV the night before.  The recommended minimum age is 6th grade, due to some of the mature subject matter.




  • Tina shares about her move from a Wisconsin dairy farm to working on set in Hollywood.  She shares about her first-hand experience working with celebrities through various TV shows, movies, runway shows, and pageants.


  • Tina interacts with the audience asking them if they’ve played or own the “hottest” video games and quizzes them on who sings certain lyrics on the top pop charts.  They start to realize that the media DOES have an impact.


  • Following is a run-down of the 4 major topics that will be discussed: sex, drugs/alcohol, violence and suicide/cutting.  Tina covers the deception that’s portrayed in all facets of entertainment – print (magazines, billboards) to the Internet, music, TV shows and movies and how we can make wise media choices.




  • Tina analyzes lyrics of some of the most popular so-called “role models” in today’s entertainment industry.


  • Tina discusses how many of these artists live the opposite lifestyle than what they promote in their music videos and music (huge EYE-OPENER!)


  • Due to meeting many of these celebrities in person, Tina shares the true stories of the lives they live behind the scenes.


  • Using video clip interviews and quotes from these “stars,” Tina supports her observations with facts coming straight from the celebrities themselves!               A majority of this TRUTH has never been revealed in mainstream media.  (example:  Eminem rewriting his lyrics for his own daughter to listen to and Usher believing virginity IS the best choice, etc.)



  • Tina talks about her own personal choice to remain a virgin until marriage and the rise in popularity among teens with choosing abstinence. Secondary virginity is also promoted to help teens realize they can start over again if they have already engaged in sexual activity.


  • The impact movies have on teens and the behaviors they promote are covered.


  • Celebrities who chose abstinence before marriage or are abstinent now are discussed.


  • Body image, advertising influences, eating disorders, air brushing of images used in billboards and magazine ads are all covered.  Videos also help drive this message home.




  • Tina analyzes a few of the hottest performers who glorify drinking and drugs without showing the consequences and talk about several who have died in this exact manner.


  • A video of a young girl who was a victim of a drinking and driving accident is shown.  She survived the crash, but two of her friends died and she has had over 40 operations.  Her story was shared on Oprah. (Very impactful!!  Many teens tell Tina that they will NEVER drink and drive after seeing this footage)


  • Tina gives a pictorial timeline of a person who was on crack cocaine and died while in prison.  The subject’s physical appearance greatly diminishes over a short period of time.  She stresses that the media does not show what happens if you live a life on drugs.


  • Tina shows video clips that convey how Hollywood DOES NOT show the deadly-consequences of what they promote – HUGE EYE OPENER!




  • Tina exposes some of today’s hottest rappers/singers on how they promote violence and DO NOT show the consequences when violence is used to “solve” problems in real life.


  • The affects of violent video games are discussed in detail.  Past school shooters and teen killer stories correlate to “what” the criminal was engaged in regarding entertainment.  Tina encourages teens to choose positive video games and take video game making classes to get more good games on the shelf.


  • The description of how your brain doesn’t fully develop until your early 20’s is covered.  Therefore, anything pornographic or violent is literally burned into your mind.



  • Current bands that promote suicide are discussed as Tina reads some of the lyrics within the songs.  She challenges her audience to think about how these lyrics are impacting our minds as a result.


  • A real-life suicide story is shared along with how negative entertainment played a major role in this teen’s beliefs that suicide was his only option.  (Tina receives countless emails from teens on how this information has impacted their hearts and caused many to receive counseling regarding their own suicidal issues!)


  • Cutting affects close to 15% of our teens today.  How cutting is promoted in pop-culture is analyzed and the real places we can get healing is given.


  • Tina asks the teens what celebrities have come to a teen’s aid if they are in prison or in the hospital from engaging in the activities the celebrity promoted.  Questions are asked throughout to help the youth realize that Hollywood does not have their best interest in mind.



  • The last part of the seminar deals with what can we do now?”  Tina talks about many resources available (world wide and locally in your community)


  • A variety of entertainment from the hottest POSITIVE music videos, TV shows, CDs, etc. are played and promoted.


  • Tina closes the seminar by letting the teens know they can always contact her personally if they have any questions.  She also makes herself available for at least 30 minutes after the presentation to answer any questions that people have in result to hearing the message.


  • Tina challenges people to be pro-active in their communities and share this information to as many people as possible and be leaders NOT followers.


  • Tina gives many suggestions on what teens can do to develop their own talents to create change in their communities and worldwide.



Tina uses the same show format as stated above.  In addition, she answers the top questions many parents have, like:

  • how do I stay updated on the latest media influences on my family?
  • what are some positive entertainment choices for my children?
  • how can I protect my family from the negative entertainment?
  • how can I set house guidelines?
  • the latest positive entertainment available in all media forums



Tina gives many useful tips such as:

  • evaluating advisory warning labels
  • awareness of burned CDs & edited CDs
  • how to combat the inaccuracy of web filters
  • choosing the safest location for the computer in the home
  • the dangers of today’s porn, chat rooms & Facebook
  • defining video game ratings and cheat codes


Eating Disorders

  • teen girls’ struggle regarding anorexia and self esteem
  • how the media portrays an unhealthy & unrealistic perception of beauty


All About Abstinence

  • the lack of abstinence education & how the media portrays abstinence
  • Tina’s personal decision to wait to have sex until marriage
  • the top celebrities who were virgins before they wed!


Media Panel

  • Open discussion on the “hot topics” of pop-culture
  • People can ask any ?s regarding presentation they just heard
  • I can answer questions randomly that were collected during the presentation


Comedian and speaker Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli has been seen on The Tonight Show over 29 times, Lifetime TV, Showbiz
Tonight, and Comedy Central to name a few. She’s currently on the hit show “Mom’s Night Out ”
on Nick at Night and has headlined such prestigious events such as the Grand Old Opry and Glen
Beck’s Restoring Love Conference with over 300,000 in attendance. Her latest book for singles ”
Guys Like Girls Named Jennie” may be turned in a motion picture soon. She’s a Hollywood
Evangelist and has sell out crowds nationwide.
Kerri often performs with her comedian husband Ron McGeehee.

kerri and ron

Speaking Topics

“How to Fight for Your Marriage and Win-And it’s not Fair”- This is a lot
about our personal struggles in marriage as two Hollywood Christian personalities
and how spiritual warfare tried to cause division between us in very serious ways. I
had to get a strategy on what was going to make a difference and how we together
would overcome. Ron gives his perspective and I give mine. We realize the enemy
doesn’t fight fair. So we have to be strategic at our game and conquer all of his
weapons. We don’t fight fair either, we have things we learned right from God and
we will have victory.
kerri 2
We also do break out sessions for women and men separately as well. We do
interactive activities and get the couples involved in their “own fight” to win!
In this session we share the secret weapon God revealed to us that will win every
time over every power or darkness..it’s the one thing the enemy can’t fight!
“Two Comics Walk Into a Church” Laughter Does a Marriage Good – This is
one of our lighter presentations using a lot of humor on everyday topics of
marriage to chores, snoring, children, pregnancy etc. If the client wants then we
and go into more of our ministry at the end.

“When it Stops Being Funny” – We both openly talk about Ron’s journey with
depression/bi polar disorder and how a spouse can be deeply affected by this. What
do you do when you feel helpless to help your spouse battle? How does God come
through? Will HE?
How can the spouse fight when it seems like a hopeless situation? What about
addiction or other unexpected pit falls?? How far are you supposed to go to honor
“for better and for worse? “When is it okay not to forgive? Ron has an amazing
powerful story of his diagnosis and victory over depression and both of our life

Comedian/Storyteller Torry Martin

Comedy For God

Although Martin has a long list of accomplishments as an actor, author, storyteller and a standup comedian, he prefers to use his gifts for laughter, writing and entertaining to bring serious messages to audiences through the softening blows of humor.  After telling a typical “Torry Story” revolving around his own blundering and misfortune, Martin pulls in the spiritual lesson in a sometimes subtle way. “If I can keep them laughing while they’re learning it doesn’t hurt their brains as much.”

Martin was a standup comic and actor in Los Angeles before he became a Christian. After finding the Lord, Martin moved to Alaska and lived in a remote cabin with a friend who was studying for ministry. He gave up acting and comedy for two years and studied the bible while becoming grounded in his faith. After being encouraged by some friends at his church, Torry began writing comedy sketches which he entered into the national competition sponsored by the Gospel Music Association called Christian Artists, now called Seminar in the Rockies. He won the grand prize two years in a row and now returns annually as an instructor.  Martin has written for “Adventures in Odyssey”, a children’s radio series produced by Focus on the Family. For this self-proclaimed “hippie-for-the-Holy-One,” the melding of talent and faith have also resulted in the release of several books, including “Under the Circumstances,” and “What a Character,” both are collections of comedy sketches about Christian life.

Published by Lillenas Drama, the books are available in Christian book stores worldwide.  While the sketches rely heavily on comedy to convey their messages, they also harbor moments of drama, often pulling no punches to get the point across. “I like using comedy in my writing because we need to be able to make fun of ourselves,” Martin says. “We take ourselves too seriously, but we don’t take God seriously enough and that needs some fixing.” Martin says he hopes his material will help and audience focus more on their relationships with God and place less emphasis on the technicalities of differing denominations or outside appearances. His blend of hilarious personal experiences, human observations and spiritual applications have made him one of the most entertaining and comical speakers around. From churches to corporate functions, banquets to biker rally’s, or prison’s to praise gatherings, the appeal of Torry Martin’s material makes him a perfect choice for groups and gatherings of all kinds.

Michael Joiner – God’s Smart Aleck!

michael joiner comedian actorMichael Joiner is funny. Very funny. 1st Place winner of the Hollywood Improv’s “FUNNIEST COMIC IN L.A.” 2008, and 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame “COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR” nominee, Joiner has attracted wide praise for his routines that blend a sarcastic edginess with a devotion to clean humor. Joiner has headlined at The LA AREA Improvs, The Funny Bone, The Ice House and other comedy clubs across the country while also performing at colleges and sold out Clean Comedy Concerts nationwide. He’s also written for “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

Michael has been performing nationwide for over 25 years and is rated one of the nation’s funniest Clean Stand up Comedians. The TV Guide Network calls Michael “One of the funniest, most original, stand up Comedians working today!”

In 2006, Michael was one out of only four Comedians chosen worldwide to star in the top selling DVD, “The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour.”

Michael has also starred in the Hit Comedy TV show “Bananas,” as well as The Gospel Music Channel”s “Stand up for Clean Comedy.”


Michael Joiner is undoubtedly one of today’s most popular entertainers and comics. Whether it is nationwide sold-out tours, films, hidden camera pranks or Youtube skits, Joiner demonstrates an extraordinary ability to connect with a wide and diverse audience. Michael comes from a humble background, born in the mean streets of crime-ridden Gary, IN…, the only son of a teen age unwed mother, Michael at one time lived in a two bedroom rundown apartment along with his mom, grandparents, two uncles and an aunt. Eventually Michael’s mom met a man who became his step dad. However he could never seem to hold down a job for very long, and therefore the family moved more than half a dozen times in two years. Until he gave his life to God, Michael experienced many things, including;

  1. At age seven Michael peeked out his bedroom door to see a man had pulled a gun on both parents.
  2. At age ten Michael arrived home from a church camp to find that his house had been burned to the ground.
  3. At age 13 Michael had been chased several times by the leader of a Hells angels type motorcyle club bent on killing Michael for dating his ex girlfriend.
  4. By the time Michael was 21, he had a gun pulled on him several times.
  5. At age 28 he had a car full of young punks pull up as he was getting into his vehicle on a dark street late at night..every one of them had crow bars and baseball bats. They were going to beat him for (erroneously) thinking Michael was dating one of the mens girlfriends. As they approached Michael.A man came out of his house with a gun and chased made them leave. Soon after the leader of the group was in an accident and suffered irreparable brain damage. He never chased Michael again.
  6. In his late twenties and thirties, Michael had turned to drugs, drinking, and partying to try to fill the void that what in his heart.
  7. In 1988, while in Hollywood, CA. Michael gave his life to God. Since then his life has never been the same.
  8. All of this and more is included in Michael’s powerful and inspiring story of how God saved him from a drug addicted party animal life to become a loving husband and dad to three boys, as well as one of one of the most “in demand” Christian Comedian and actors in history.


“MICHAEL not only EXCEEDED all of our expectations…we left our event feeling ENCOURAGED, UPLIFTED and INSPIRED!”-Stephanie Koontz, New beginning Community Church, Norco, CA.

“For well over an hour I had the most enjoyable time of my life! ON a scale of 1-10 Michael Joiner was a 15!!!You proved that clean humor is wholesome and people can leave feeling good about themselves.


-Milton Hubbard, Pastor, Living word Assembly, Chanute, KS

“(Michael Joiner) was a HOME-RUN! The first time our kids have ever given STANDING OVATION!

– Phil Waldrep, Phil Waldrep Ministries, OASIS 99′, FL


-Tracy Pounders, The Laugh Factory, Fayetteville, NC

 “We Have booked many Comedians here, but none compared to the performance by Michael Joiner! Years later everyone is still talking about him!”

– David Young, Minister, N. Boulevard Church of Christ, Murfreesboro, TN

“It’s refreshing to have someone so effectively share his life changing testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ AND make you laugh hysterically without being the least bit offensive. WE RECOMMEND COMEDIAN MICHAEL JOINER!”

-E. Waitmen Hager, NC Ohio District, Church of The Nazarene Chairmen

“Michael Joiner left us with a night of BUZZ and LAUGHS that have LEFT OUR CHURCH BUZZING FOR WEEKS!” We’ve had bands and solo artists at our church, but NOTHING has matched the response we’ve gotten from both CHURCH AND UN-CHURCHED FOLKS ALIKE WHEN MICHAEL JOINER CAME TO TOWN!”

-Pastor Stuart Jones, Northeast Christian Church, Rockford, IL.


As the star of OVER A DOSEN FAITH BASED FILMS including Sony Pictures powerful drama, “The Grace Card,” Michael Joiner’s face is becoming more and more known across the nation every day. Michael Joiner’s comedy show has sold out at 500-2000 and more!
Contact us to discuss your event needs and we will work out a plan for you! THE CLEAN STAND UP COMEDY shows are not only hilarious, but motivating and inspiring as Michael and Comedians scott wood and Gilbert Esquivel segue from their hilarious comedy into a message of hope for individuals as well as for America. For more information, please go to WWW.THECLEANCOMEDYTOUR.COM or CONTACT; SERIOUSCOMEDY@AOL.COM (661) 414-2992

In a world where so many compromise their beliefs, and in a profession where many lack real professionalism, Comedian Michael Joiner is a rare find indeed. Michael’s experience in the secular world of the nations “A” list Comedy Clubs, including The Hollywood Improv and New York City’s famed Laugh Factory has allowed him to sharpen his comedic talent and skills to the level of the world’s greatest stand-up Comedians. And yet, Michael’s personal life and public proclamation stays boldly and un-apologetically true to his Christian convictions….Invite your un-churched friends and neighbors to a night of Clean Comedy with Comedian Michael Joiner. Michael will give them an hour of some of the most hilariously, cutting edge comedy you have ever seen. His un-equaled audience interaction and improv abilities will have the audience in tears. And then he will segue into a gospel message that those in need can hardly resist…Not watered down. Not adjusted for political correctness. Undeniably anointed.

Ask how you can invite the public to a showing of “The Grace Card” at your church or venue and have Michael speak afterwards and/or perform Comedy and sign autographs the following evening. Most venues will make back most, if not all, of their investment with our ticketed event plan!
(contact us for more info and to secure your date!)