Comedian and speaker Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli has been seen on The Tonight Show over 29 times, Lifetime TV, Showbiz
Tonight, and Comedy Central to name a few. She’s currently on the hit show “Mom’s Night Out ”
on Nick at Night and has headlined such prestigious events such as the Grand Old Opry and Glen
Beck’s Restoring Love Conference with over 300,000 in attendance. Her latest book for singles ”
Guys Like Girls Named Jennie” may be turned in a motion picture soon. She’s a Hollywood
Evangelist and has sell out crowds nationwide.
Kerri often performs with her comedian husband Ron McGeehee.

kerri and ron

Speaking Topics

“How to Fight for Your Marriage and Win-And it’s not Fair”- This is a lot
about our personal struggles in marriage as two Hollywood Christian personalities
and how spiritual warfare tried to cause division between us in very serious ways. I
had to get a strategy on what was going to make a difference and how we together
would overcome. Ron gives his perspective and I give mine. We realize the enemy
doesn’t fight fair. So we have to be strategic at our game and conquer all of his
weapons. We don’t fight fair either, we have things we learned right from God and
we will have victory.
kerri 2
We also do break out sessions for women and men separately as well. We do
interactive activities and get the couples involved in their “own fight” to win!
In this session we share the secret weapon God revealed to us that will win every
time over every power or’s the one thing the enemy can’t fight!
“Two Comics Walk Into a Church” Laughter Does a Marriage Good – This is
one of our lighter presentations using a lot of humor on everyday topics of
marriage to chores, snoring, children, pregnancy etc. If the client wants then we
and go into more of our ministry at the end.

“When it Stops Being Funny” – We both openly talk about Ron’s journey with
depression/bi polar disorder and how a spouse can be deeply affected by this. What
do you do when you feel helpless to help your spouse battle? How does God come
through? Will HE?
How can the spouse fight when it seems like a hopeless situation? What about
addiction or other unexpected pit falls?? How far are you supposed to go to honor
“for better and for worse? “When is it okay not to forgive? Ron has an amazing
powerful story of his diagnosis and victory over depression and both of our life

Scott Wood

scott wood comedianFrom comedy clubs and cruise ships, to churches, colleges, and corporate events, Scott Wood has been hailed as one of the funniest Christian comedians working today. Scott has entertained audiences all across the United States and abroad in a variety of television, radio, film and personal appearances.

Scott has been a full-time comedian since 1989. He was named Stand-up Comedy Champion after winning the Improv Comedy Club’s 2003 Talent Search for funniest comedian. His list of club credits includes The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Laugh Factory, and the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas.

Scott has also been a hit at corporate functions throughout the US, including The McDonald’s Corporation, Disney, Xerox, Toyota, Price Waterhouse, Century 21, Home Depot, and the Salvation Army. Scott has also opened for musical artists Blood, Sweat & Tears, Beatlemania, Tower of Power, and country music sensations Brooks & Dunn., Comedy Central, The Family Channel, and two national commercial appearances.

Scott is an accomplished impressionist with over 300 celebrity and animated voices in his repertoire, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, George W. Bush, John Travolta, The Simpsons, and Sylvester Stallone, as well as singers such as Michael Bolton, Frank Sinatra, The Backstreet Boys and many more! Scott’s impressions have been heard on KLOS, KABC, and the Rick Dees show.

“There was never a pause or any deliberation over where he was going next; never a flat moment when something didn’t connect with the audience. No, for 50 minutes my men’s group laughed to the point of tears. Scott’s timing, delivery and facial expressions are phenomenal.   “To top it all off, Scott is a brother in the Lord and he champions his faith in a way that is winsome and attractive to the churched and the unchurched alike! Wow! This guy doesn’t throw around the usual Christian clichés and phrases. He knows God’s Word! And he did one of the finest jobs I have ever witnessed in explaining the difference God makes in a life.”   – Bob, Ventura Missionary Church

“God bless you and thanks again for helping us witness changed lives!!!”   – Rex, Crossroads Evangelical Church

“We were rolling on the floor. I heard happy comments from people in our congregation for months! I couldn’t have been more pleased. Way to go!”   – Jon, The Church at Angeles Crest ”

You made the comment that “we were a good crowd.” I would submit that that was due primarily to the fact that you are an excellent performer.”  – Major Ed, The Salvation Army

“I had asked a friend who did not know the Lord to accompany me that night. I believe her opinion of “church-going people” was changed that night. She realized that Christians can be fun-loving and God-loving at the same time. Since that night my friend has accepted Jesus Christ into her heart.”  – Jody, Liberty Bible Church

“Comedian Scott Wood is exactly what he says he is – a genuinely funny, clean stand up comedian/impressionist! His humor is insightful and his timing is uncanny. I heartily recommend Scott for any occasion that calls for a slightly wacky yet solid comedian.”
– Mike Davis, East Texas Baptist University

There was never a pause or any deliberation over where he was going next; never a flat moment when something didn’t connect with the audience. No, for 50 minutes my men’s group laughed to the point of tears. Scott’s timing, delivery and facial expressions are phenomenal.

Ventura Missionary Church

“I do this for the craft.” Wood said. “I love making people laugh.” As an accomplished Stand-Up Comedian, Impressionist and comedy writer Wood plans on making people laugh for a long, long time.

“When I was a young man I had totally turned my back on God-what a mistake. By the time I was 21, I was a full-blown alcoholic, drug abuser and dealer. But in 1984, I gave my life over to Christ. Then I realized my humor was a gift from God. I got down on my knees and said, ‘Lord if You can use my humor, use me,’ and He did. Thank God I’m now doing both comedy and ministry-sharing the source of my humor, which is Christ. It is now good to know that God is using something that I’m good at-Comedy, as a tool to reach others, and I’ve learned that He can do that in anyone’s life.”   “…he is a ‘full service comedian.’ Scott does it all: slapstick, laugh till you drop humor, impersonations, voices, slice-of-life commentaries, etc. And he presents his material in a clean, professional, family-oriented and engaging manner…

“I had asked a friend who did not know the Lord to accompany me that night. I believe her opinion of “church-going people” was changed that night. She realized that Christians can be fun-loving and God-loving at the same time. Since that night my friend has accepted Jesus Christ into her heart.”   – Jody, Liberty Bible Church

Michael Joiner – God’s Smart Aleck!

michael joiner comedian actorMichael Joiner is funny. Very funny. 1st Place winner of the Hollywood Improv’s “FUNNIEST COMIC IN L.A.” 2008, and 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame “COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR” nominee, Joiner has attracted wide praise for his routines that blend a sarcastic edginess with a devotion to clean humor. Joiner has headlined at The LA AREA Improvs, The Funny Bone, The Ice House and other comedy clubs across the country while also performing at colleges and sold out Clean Comedy Concerts nationwide. He’s also written for “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

Michael has been performing nationwide for over 25 years and is rated one of the nation’s funniest Clean Stand up Comedians. The TV Guide Network calls Michael “One of the funniest, most original, stand up Comedians working today!”

In 2006, Michael was one out of only four Comedians chosen worldwide to star in the top selling DVD, “The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour.”

Michael has also starred in the Hit Comedy TV show “Bananas,” as well as The Gospel Music Channel”s “Stand up for Clean Comedy.”


Michael Joiner is undoubtedly one of today’s most popular entertainers and comics. Whether it is nationwide sold-out tours, films, hidden camera pranks or Youtube skits, Joiner demonstrates an extraordinary ability to connect with a wide and diverse audience. Michael comes from a humble background, born in the mean streets of crime-ridden Gary, IN…, the only son of a teen age unwed mother, Michael at one time lived in a two bedroom rundown apartment along with his mom, grandparents, two uncles and an aunt. Eventually Michael’s mom met a man who became his step dad. However he could never seem to hold down a job for very long, and therefore the family moved more than half a dozen times in two years. Until he gave his life to God, Michael experienced many things, including;

  1. At age seven Michael peeked out his bedroom door to see a man had pulled a gun on both parents.
  2. At age ten Michael arrived home from a church camp to find that his house had been burned to the ground.
  3. At age 13 Michael had been chased several times by the leader of a Hells angels type motorcyle club bent on killing Michael for dating his ex girlfriend.
  4. By the time Michael was 21, he had a gun pulled on him several times.
  5. At age 28 he had a car full of young punks pull up as he was getting into his vehicle on a dark street late at night..every one of them had crow bars and baseball bats. They were going to beat him for (erroneously) thinking Michael was dating one of the mens girlfriends. As they approached Michael.A man came out of his house with a gun and chased made them leave. Soon after the leader of the group was in an accident and suffered irreparable brain damage. He never chased Michael again.
  6. In his late twenties and thirties, Michael had turned to drugs, drinking, and partying to try to fill the void that what in his heart.
  7. In 1988, while in Hollywood, CA. Michael gave his life to God. Since then his life has never been the same.
  8. All of this and more is included in Michael’s powerful and inspiring story of how God saved him from a drug addicted party animal life to become a loving husband and dad to three boys, as well as one of one of the most “in demand” Christian Comedian and actors in history.


“MICHAEL not only EXCEEDED all of our expectations…we left our event feeling ENCOURAGED, UPLIFTED and INSPIRED!”-Stephanie Koontz, New beginning Community Church, Norco, CA.

“For well over an hour I had the most enjoyable time of my life! ON a scale of 1-10 Michael Joiner was a 15!!!You proved that clean humor is wholesome and people can leave feeling good about themselves.


-Milton Hubbard, Pastor, Living word Assembly, Chanute, KS

“(Michael Joiner) was a HOME-RUN! The first time our kids have ever given STANDING OVATION!

– Phil Waldrep, Phil Waldrep Ministries, OASIS 99′, FL


-Tracy Pounders, The Laugh Factory, Fayetteville, NC

 “We Have booked many Comedians here, but none compared to the performance by Michael Joiner! Years later everyone is still talking about him!”

– David Young, Minister, N. Boulevard Church of Christ, Murfreesboro, TN

“It’s refreshing to have someone so effectively share his life changing testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ AND make you laugh hysterically without being the least bit offensive. WE RECOMMEND COMEDIAN MICHAEL JOINER!”

-E. Waitmen Hager, NC Ohio District, Church of The Nazarene Chairmen

“Michael Joiner left us with a night of BUZZ and LAUGHS that have LEFT OUR CHURCH BUZZING FOR WEEKS!” We’ve had bands and solo artists at our church, but NOTHING has matched the response we’ve gotten from both CHURCH AND UN-CHURCHED FOLKS ALIKE WHEN MICHAEL JOINER CAME TO TOWN!”

-Pastor Stuart Jones, Northeast Christian Church, Rockford, IL.


As the star of OVER A DOSEN FAITH BASED FILMS including Sony Pictures powerful drama, “The Grace Card,” Michael Joiner’s face is becoming more and more known across the nation every day. Michael Joiner’s comedy show has sold out at 500-2000 and more!
Contact us to discuss your event needs and we will work out a plan for you! THE CLEAN STAND UP COMEDY shows are not only hilarious, but motivating and inspiring as Michael and Comedians scott wood and Gilbert Esquivel segue from their hilarious comedy into a message of hope for individuals as well as for America. For more information, please go to WWW.THECLEANCOMEDYTOUR.COM or CONTACT; SERIOUSCOMEDY@AOL.COM (661) 414-2992

In a world where so many compromise their beliefs, and in a profession where many lack real professionalism, Comedian Michael Joiner is a rare find indeed. Michael’s experience in the secular world of the nations “A” list Comedy Clubs, including The Hollywood Improv and New York City’s famed Laugh Factory has allowed him to sharpen his comedic talent and skills to the level of the world’s greatest stand-up Comedians. And yet, Michael’s personal life and public proclamation stays boldly and un-apologetically true to his Christian convictions….Invite your un-churched friends and neighbors to a night of Clean Comedy with Comedian Michael Joiner. Michael will give them an hour of some of the most hilariously, cutting edge comedy you have ever seen. His un-equaled audience interaction and improv abilities will have the audience in tears. And then he will segue into a gospel message that those in need can hardly resist…Not watered down. Not adjusted for political correctness. Undeniably anointed.

Ask how you can invite the public to a showing of “The Grace Card” at your church or venue and have Michael speak afterwards and/or perform Comedy and sign autographs the following evening. Most venues will make back most, if not all, of their investment with our ticketed event plan!
(contact us for more info and to secure your date!)