Bob Smiley

bob smileyBob Smiley has been doing standup for more than 10 years all over the United States, Canada, England, Wales and even East Kentucky! He’s done shows for 8 people and a show for 60,000 people.  Bob has opened for such groups as Newsboys, Mercy Me, Third Day, Switch Foot, Toby Mac and Audio Adrenaline. In 2007, Full Armor Entertainment put out my sophomore DVD called: “Bob Smiley Uncaged!” Also, Focus on the Family released Bob’s first book called “Growing up Super Average: The Adventure’s of Average Boy.” The book is a comedy/devotional book for Middle School kids using humor to help them learn to deal with the top 25 problems kids that age face.

Bob stays busy writing monthly articles for Clubhouse Magazine, TC magazine, and the Christian Beacon. I also appear sporadically in Brio, Go!, Brio & Beyond, Battlefield and Faith Talk when they dont have anything better to print. He also does around 90 to 100 comedy shows a year. “You should see my hotel shampoo collection!” Bob says. It’s been said that Bob has a heart for bringing people closer to God by getting them to laugh at everyday stories and not so everyday situations. Of course that quote came from his Mom who also can’t understand why the NBA didn’t call Bob after Michael Jordan retired. The bottom line is, Bob uses standup comedy as a way to draw people in so He can tell them the good news of Jesus Christ!Where it started: Bob grew up a Texas kid, which is like any other kid in any other state only with a lot of guns.After High School, Bob went off to Abilene Christian University in West Texas. (Motto: Have you seen our Tree?). After high school, Bob received an unexpected call from an old college friend who now lived in Nashville and was working as a Road Manager for Christian singer Clay Crosse. This old friend had seen me do stand up in college and wanted to know if I was interested in going out on tour with Clay to do standup in-between the acts. Clay’s tour opened up the possibility of doing standup without having to go to the normal comedy venues. Bobs clean comedy was well met with the Christian audiences and he began to get many other offers to do standup. That was over ten years ago. Since then, Bob has continued to tour with many Christian bands, perform at several major Christian festivals around the United States as well as doing his own private comedy shows in churches, schools and colleges. In 2001, Bob even took his show over to the United Kingdom where he found that his brand of comedy was the perfect venue to spreading the Gospel in other countries as well.

“Bob Smiley hit another home run at the 2007 Spirit West Coast festival in Monterey, Calif. It was great to see a young guy from today’s generation connect with young people in a way they can relate to. Bob really has a talent and he was a humorous asset to the team. I’m planning to use Bob for the 8th year in a row at the 2008 festivals .”
-Jon Robberson (Director of Spirit West Coast)

-Hey Bob, I just came from your Youngstown, Ohio performance, and man, what a show! I’ve seen a lot of Christian comedians, and up to this point I didn’t think I would ever see one who really made me laugh out loud. The problem with the one’s I’ve seen is they’re 100% Christian, 25% comedian (don’t do the math). They get their business the same way you look in the yellow pages and see some plumber has put a Christian fish symbol on their ad. You think “Oh, their a plumber and a Christian. I have to support them.” You were the first Christian comedian I’ve seen, however, that was 100% Christian, 100% comedian. Up until now, if someone from church wanted me to recommend a comedian, I’d have to ask them if they wanted a clean, funny comedian, or just a Christian comedian. If they said clean and funny, I’d recommend Brian Regan. If they said Christian, I’d say just to go for the clean, funny one. Now, I can just say Bob Smiley for either choice they make. Brian’s making enough money now without me pluggin’ away for him, anyhow. Keep moving forward and God Bless.
-Jason yohman

“I spent the day with Bob and what excited me is how Bob uses his comedy to entertain, but he is also dead serious about Jesus Christ and that really shows.”
– Dawson McAllister (National radio talk show host and Youth Speaker)

“He always kept his room very neat.”
– Yvonne Smiley (Bob’s Mom)

“He always kept our tour bus very neat.”
– Matt Morginsky (Lead singer of the Supertones)

“Bob came in and performed at a fund raiser for our Christian School. We charged $5 at the door, hoping to bring in about 300 people. Over 500 people came out to see him do standup. The school raised a lot of money and everyone left that night with bellyaches from laughing so much and very encouraged about the Gospel. Bob is a great comedian and an awesome disciple for Christ.”
– Randy Speck (Oakland Christian School)

“He always kept our Air-dome very clean.”
– Peter Furler (Lead singer of the Newsboys)

“It is my privilege to recommend to anyone and everyone that is trying to reach the younger generation, Bob Smiley. He is an effective communicator on stage and through dramatics and humor tells the story in a way that is relative to where the youth are today. I have used Bob at several of my events and he always hits the “long ball”.”
– Chuck Tilley (President, Atlanta Fest)

“Bob Smiley mixes mirth with ministry to present a powerful message. Every time Bob comes here it is a packed house and people’s lives as well as funny bones are touched. On a personal level I consider him a good friend, and a man of integrity who lives Jesus deeply.”
– Pastor Ray Carter (Calvary Chapel, Lake Havasu, AZ)

“I use Bob for most of my festivals. He is a great comic with material that relates to everyone. Bob will also stay after his part of the shows and talk, pray, or joke around with anyone in the crowd that will listen to him. In short, he adds so much to the overall enjoyment of our Christian Festivals. He is very talented, yet very humble. I would suggest anyone using him for their events.”
-Michael Scanland (Jam Productions, Chairman of Christian Concert Division)